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Star Educational Society is a popular institute functioning in five branches, private high school, and library with over 200 staff members and over 13,000 students. Star is proud to have graduated over 7,000 English language students. The school is popular for the achievements and success of its former students who have been able to use their language skills to study in high schools and universities around the world. Star alumni and staff members have been able to secure honored positions in government offices and NGOs and have contributed to bringing about positive changes in the lives of others. Recently, Star’s current general director and co-founder, Hussain Yousofi, was selected as a Fulbright scholar and admitted to Columbia University, one of the world’s leading universities, to pursue his Master’s degree in Educational Policy and Social Analysis.


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We offer a wide array of language programs like English, German, Russian. Which language are you planning to learn?

Computer Programs

We have equipped a modern computer training center and offer different computer courses from programming to web design and Microsoft office packages.

Teacher Training

Our teachers are our main strength, so we invest in training them to get what they need to be a Star Teacher.

Student Affairs

Here, our students can find their cool stuff. Student activities like futsal, quiz competition, student government and more.

Our Team

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Ali Reza Yasa (Changez)
Ali Reza Yasa (Changez)
Ali Reza Yasa is the founder and Chairman of Star Educational Society. He is the only instructor who has been teaching at Star for the past 17 years. He has an M.A. in Central Asian Studies from American University of Central Asia with a concentration in Anthropology. He also holds the Editor-in-Chief position of the Interstellar Bulletin, Star’s weekly newspaper.
Hussain Yousofi
Hussain Yousofi
Director General
Hussain Yousofi is the Director General and founder of Star Educational Society. He has a B.A. in Public Administration from the American University of Afghanistan. In 2015, he earned a Fulbright scholarship and is attending an M.A. program in Education Policy at Teachers’ College, Columbia University. He is the co-author of an academic article, “The Only Solution; Education, Youth and Social change in Afghanistan.”
Mustafa Hussaini
Mustafa Hussaini
Executive Director
Mustafa Hussaini has risen steadily up the ranks of Star staff members to his position as Star’s Executive Director. He started as Star’s watchman in 2005, served as an English teacher, an administrative office assistant, Discipline Director and Assistant to the Director General. He is currently in his second year at the American University of Afghanistan where he is working on his Bachelor of Business Administration. A loyal and dedicated employee, he says “Star is like the blood running through my veins.”


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