Rising from the ashes

Rising from the ashes From child street worker to a position holder at Star Educational Society This week’s interview is with Izathullah who was a spandi until August, 2016. A spandi is someone who sells the smoke from the herb Espand to ward off evil spirits (see article about Espand here). In August, Izathullah became[…]


Caged in this corner

Nadia Anjuman (1980 – 2005) was a Persian poet and journalist from Herat, Afghanistan. The Taliban captured Herat and shut the schools for girls when Anjuman was in tenth grade. She studied in underground schools until the Taliban was ousted and she began studying Dari literature and languages at Herat University. In 2005, while still[…]

Stories My Grandmother Told Me – 68

Chadar, Chadari and Hijab came to us from Kabul and Iran. Our people did not know the idea of women covering their hair and face. We had our own way of doing things, dressing up, and beliefs. In my days and the days before me, the girls and boys wore caps – colourful caps, with topug at the front, and colourful[…]