Saramad (2)

Training agents for change

Interview with Mohammad Hussain Saramad, chief executive officer of Marefat Civil Capacity Building Organization About the interviewer: Farida Roish holds a BA in Business Economics from Kateb University and works as an academic adviser at the Organization for Sustainable Development Studies and Marefat High School. She is a current recipient of Erasmus+ Exchange Scholarship in[…]

Strange Fruit

Strange Fruit

Abel Meeropol was born in the early 1902 in New York. He first rose to prominence after his poem “Bitter Fruit” was popularly sung by Billie Holiday under the title “Strange Fruit”. In this poem, he expressed his protest towards lynching and racism in America at the time. At the age of 84, Abel Meeropol[…]

Ahmad Jahid Sakhi

The Afghan dream

About the author: Ahmad Jahid Sakhi is a current student at Tarbyat High School. He is passionate about grassroots peace efforts and youth empowerment. Hey life, we are so tired of you! We know that you are not entirely responsible for our situation. But leave us in peace, please. For many Afghans, dying is better[…]

Hayatullah Farhang

Life in Kabul

About the author: Hayatullah Farhang is an alumnus of Star Educational Society. He is in the 10th grade and plans to be a filmmaker in the future. Kabul, with a population of more than four million people, is the capital of Afghanistan. All the ministries, major government offices, embassies, and international organizations are located in[…]