The Buddhas of Bamyan

“The destruction work is not as easy as people would think.” – Qudratullah Jamal, Taliban Information Minister After the shelling of artillery, with their long graceful telemetries of explosives in flight—our stuccoed faces crumbled and sheared free from the stone, but we did not bow down;  we stood with our backs to the sandstone cliffs, just[…]

Excerpts from: A family holiday in Bamiyan valley, Afghanistan

By: William Dalrymple Republished from the Financial Times Of the many places suggested for the possible site of the Garden of Eden, the Bamiyan valley in central Afghanistan might seem, at first, one of the more surprising choices. In 1799 the pioneering, though somewhat eccentric, orientalist Captain Francis Wilford announced to the readers of[…]

Rosalynn Kahsu

My Worth

Poem by Rosalynn Kahsu, a Political Science and Psychology major at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She is an intern with the ROYA Online Writing Center and has been editing essays and articles for the Interstellar Bulletin.   Define me as you like, I will buy it. As a penniless broad, I’ll take anything.[…]

Hussnia Bakheyari

The perseverance of prosecuting attorney, Hussnia Bakhteyari

The challenges of being a girl in Afghanistan Written by: Ezzatullah Mehrdad When Hussnia Bakhteyari was born, it made her family sad. When she tried to enter school, her father stopped her. When she entered university, her family withdrew their financial support. Throughout her lifetime, she has been dealing with huge obstacles and her family[…]


For Bamiyan

By: Sharifa from the Afghan Women’s Writing Project Republished from: Dear Bamiyan, you hold more than a thousand secrets Our national park Band-e-Amir, Our ancient Buddha statues and Dragon Valley Bamiyan, you are a treat for girls. Women can attend school, get a job, study abroad. Your freedom is like no other province. The[…]