A member of Star’s family for ten years

14678030_880505332051679_324195400An interview with Zakaria Bahaduri, Senior Instructor at Star Educational Society

Would you please introduce yourself? Thank you so much for the opportunity. I am Zakaria Bahaduri and I graduated from Habibia High School in 2009. The following year, I joined Kabul Poly-Technique University where I studied Computer Science with a concentration in Information Technology.  I graduated from Computer Science Department in 2014. Then, I started a job in the Ministry of Commerce and Industries, where currently I work as an IT Officer. In addition, I teach English language at Star Educational Society.

When did you join Star and how did you find Star? Actually, I joined Star in 2006 as a student, when I returned back to Afghanistan, and I started from Junior Beginner class. I found Star a unique English center because it had different and more standard quality comparing other English tutoring centers.  The people at the management were so tactful and they used to pay attention to students’ desires and needs. They were creating different opportunities and kinds of classes to help students have better understanding of English language. Thus, they provided the best quality to meet students’ needs.

How long have you been teaching at Star and what do you think about teaching quality at Star? I joined Star as an English instructor in 2009, when I graduated from Star. The first class I taught was an elementary class called Prep One. It was a very good experience for me. Later on, I joined Star C Branch and it was a very amazing experience for me because I came to know new people and new students. It is about six years that I am teaching at Star Educational Society and I think the environment here is totally different from other English Centers because Star Educational Society does its best to hone its students’ linguistic skills and makes its students ready to grasp any available opportunity. Some of the students of Star Educational Society now follow their education abroad. There are so many people who have gotten job opportunities simply because they have studied English at Star Educational Society.

What role does Star play in educating our society? I think Star Educational Society plays a great role in terms of educating many students each year in our society. Students learn good skills of communication to communicate well in English. Star Educational Society provides them the opportunity to enhance their communication skills so that students can communicate comfortably with other people. If students have good skills, they more likely will be able to get scholarships. In addition, I think Star Educational Society has provided many people the opportunity to get jobs in many international organizations, national organizations and American Camps. Star Educational Society has been a very successful English tutoring center in the area.


We heard that you have taken the TOEFL. Was your score acceptable and what is the benefit of scoring higher scores? Actually, I took the TOEFL twice. Once I took PBT, which was common and I got 560. The second time I took TOEFL was 2015 and I got 96 out of 120. It was the iBT version and I was not very happy with my score and I wanted to have a better score, like 100 plus. I am planning to take the test again to get a better score.

Would you mind telling us about your university field and the reason why you have chosen the field? I specifically chose Computer Science, especially Information Technology, because I was influenced and motivated by my uncle, who studied Computer Science in Azerbaijan. In 1998, he returned to Pakistan and there he established a computer programs tutoring center. When I was a little boy, I used to go to his center and learn computer skills. That is why I was motivated to choose Computer Science, specifically Information Technology.

What are your future plans? Well, my ultimate plan is to continue my education abroad because our universities don’t meet the standards and that is why I took the TOEFL in 2015. I want to get my Master’s Degree in foreign countries especially United States of America in Management of Information Systems. That is the thing I want to do for myself and my country. I would like to return to Afghanistan as soon as I finish my education. Then, I may work in a government office or private office to serve my people.