A Branch

Star Educational Society’s A Branch was founded in Kabul in Spring 2004 by Ali Reza Yasa and co-founded by Hussain Yousofi. As the first of several branches, this office is also considered our Main Branch. As Star’s main headquarters, it is our center for recruitment, expansion and diversifying the focus of the Society on other social and educational activities. The former Second Deputy President, Karim Khalili, attended the opening ceremony and considered Star Educational Society as an educational heritage for the West of Kabul.

Since 2006, A Branch has been located at Dehbori Sare Karez Stop. Star Main Branch is referred to as A Branch and is famous for its several speech contest programs, display of the Latent Abilities Notice Board and guest speakers. The office of chairman and the general director are located in the Main Branch.

Many popular programs were held at the A Branch campus. A Night With the Stars was a graduation ceremony for Star students and was hosted by BBC News Expert, Daoud Naji, and a special guest, the acclaimed Afghan poet, Sharif Saeedi. Foot Tracks was a program that featured several Afghan MA and BA students who graduated from England, the U.S. and American University of Central Asia and spoke to audience members about their educational experiences. Another popular program was a three-day art and handicraft exhibition in which Mohaqiq, the former Minister of Plan, conducted the opening ceremony.

Hussain Yousofi has been the director of A Branch since its establishment and is the general director of all Star branches.

You can contact Star A Branch using the contact information bellow:


Star Avenue, Sabeqa Stop, Dehbori, Kabul, Afghanistan





B Branch

Star B Branch was founded in August 2005 in Dashti Barchi – Naqqash by Rajab Yousofi. Beginning in 2008, the Star B Branch began offering advanced level courses when both the chairman and the general director agreed to teach at this branch.

Hassan Rahmati was the director of B Branch for a period of three years. Under his directorship several successful speech contests were held. Zainab Yousofi was the admissions manager from 2007 to 2009. Since then this branch has been directed by several admissions managers and the general director. Star B Branch also accommodates the Star High School. Star B Branch has a library and is currently directed by Zahir Mohammadi.

You can contact Star B Branch using the contact information bellow:


Sar-e-Pol Stop, Barchi, Kabul, Afghanistan




C Branch

Star Educational Society’s C Branch was founded in Spring 2011 to meet the demand of students who resided in Chahar Rahi Haji Nawroz. This branch was founded and co-directed by Mahdi Hussaini and Ali Shahidy with the financial support of Ali Reza Yasa. C Branch is for English Language classes only. Morteza Farjad was director of the branch for a two year period during 2012 and 2013. Since Spring 2014, the director of C Branch is Mustafa Hussaini. The current location of Star C Branch is Pol-e-Khoshk.

You can contact Star C Branch using the contact information bellow:


Pol-e-Khoshk, Barchi, Kabul, Afghanistan




D Branch

Star Educational Society’s D Branch was established in Qala-e-Shada in Spring 2013 by Hassan Rahmati.

You can contact Star D Branch using the contact information bellow:


Chahar Qala, Kabul, Afghanistan