Chairman’s Message

PresidentWe cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future. – Franklin D. Roosevelt

As the chairman and founder of Star Educational Society, I have spent more than half of my life placing every brick to build this institution’s recognition, productivity and glory. I am committed to make this institute a successful and enjoyable experience for the faculty, students, support staff and every person who passes through our doors. Our mission cannot be fulfilled alone. We depend on every single student, teacher and support staff member who has the potential to make Star shine in the sky of educational competition. When Star is succeeding in this mission, it extends itself to the society and, likewise, to the country. You don’t have to be great to start a positive change but you have to start to be a great positive changemaker.

Above all, I express my gratitude to every honorable and sincere person whose heart has beat with the responsibility of fulfilling a task to make Star’s mission a true success. I also thank all Star teachers whose invaluable assistance and dedication has borne fruit for the institution. They learned and conveyed their knowledge to serve their people even better. Star Educational Society is committed to bringing about an educational change and creating an ideal educational environment. We have advanced from producing a labor force to the greater and more challenging task of creating future leaders. Our students are rocking and reflect the depth of the faith we have instilled in them. Their success is our success. They are the agents of change and are crafted to help build a better future for our war-torn country, Afghanistan.

Our staff members are selfless, dedicated and provide individualized care and attention to our customers. We have the pride of graduating over 7,000 students and operating in five branches. Our high school has a great future. Our libraries are great resources for intellectual meetings. Our futsal team is bringing us better and better results every year. Our alumni are industrious contributors to research centers, prominent writers in publications, frequently appear in media and are active civil society activists.

In the past decade many NGOs, government offices and contractors have benefited from our talented students and the quality education and language expertise they acquired at Star. Now our aim is even greater. We are meeting the needs of international NGOs and leading universities of the world by providing the best and the brightest students from Afghanistan. We have built a wall of human chain with the motto, “Join us for a difference.” Join us to strengthen this wall against discrimination, injustice and atrocities and build the kind of country we deserve.

Best wishes,

Ali Reza Yasa (Changez)