English Language Courses:

Since the English Language Courses start and end at different times at each of Star Educational Society’s branches, the dates for admissions vary. Star operates on a semester system which are generally 2 1/2 months long. In general, the admissions begins two weeks before the inception of each new semester and remain open until the third week of the new semester. The admissions process can be completed at each of the offices of our four branches. The admission manager will complete the admissions form with the student and a digital photo will be taken for administrative purposes.

Star uses placement tests to determine the appropriate level course for each student. Absolute beginners are exempt from the placement test. They can attend the Prep 1 class without an exam depending on the time they apply and the number of lessons already studied in the semester. Students who apply for Prep 2 or Junior Beginner classes will take a written examination as dictation to determine their standard of their English level. Admission for Senior Beginner, Intermediate, and Upper Intermediate levels are subject to a 100 question placement test, mostly multiple choice, representing the different levels of Star’s courses. Students seeking admission to Star’s lower level classes will only need to take the first 25-50 questions on the placement test. Students seeking admission to the middle and higher level classes will also take an oral exam to evaluate if their spoken English ability matches their corresponding level of English on the written exam.

Students applying for admissions must agree with the rules and regulations displayed on the notice boards at the admissions office. An agreement between Star and the student will be signed and kept in our files. The rest of the rules are detailed in the rules and regulations document displayed on the notice boards. To contact office managers at the four different branches of the English language classes, please use the following addresses:

Star A Branch

Address: Star Avenue, Sabeqa Stop, Dehbori, Kabul, Afghanistan
Telephone: +93-202504515     |    +93-744563755

Star B Branch

Address: Sar-e-Pol Stop, Barchi, Kabul, Afghanistan
Telephone: +93-780401611

Star C Branch

Address: Pol-e-Khoshk, Barchi, Kabul, Afghanistan
Telephone: +93-776292665

Star D Branch

Address: Chahar Qala, Kabul, Afghanistan
Telephone: +93-700099607

Other Courses and Programs:

For Star High School, computer courses, TOEFL courses, IELTS courses, vocational training, special programs or guest speaker schedules you can also contact the Admissions Office.