Advantages of Co-education

homayon-asadullahiAuthor: Hamayoon  Asadullahi

Co- education means the system of education in which both men and women attend the same institution, colleges, schools and classes and are taught together in the same classes. Nowadays, in most countries co-education is quite common. Co- education has many advantages, among which are that co-education reduces the burden on the government to provide the state with more schools, co-education encourages a free exchange of ideas between boys and girls, and co- education encourages the students to grow up with the right attitude towards each other.

First, no one can deny that the education of our children should be one of our top priorities. Parents must choose between a co-educational system for their children or a same sex system of education. In addition, placing children in a co-educational system can create an environment where boys and girls compete with each other, thus creating a competitive environment. As stated earlier co-education can reduce the burden on the government to provide the state with more schools. Especially in this poor country of Afghanistan It is economically beneficial to have a co-education system. We all know that It is also not possible to build and equip separate laboratories, medical schools and industrial schools for girls and boys separately in this poor country. Also In this country the increasing demand for the education of boys and especially girls, a scarcity of good teachers, and inadequate buildings are the obstacles that stand in the way of creating abetter educational system. Thus, co-education is the only alternative to meet this demand.

Second, a free exchange of ideas between boys and girls gives rise to a healthy relationship between males and females. Those countries that create a distance between male and female in their educational system often encounter misbehavior between the sexes. When they study together, boys and girls will be friends and become have good companions. Studying together, boys and girls get a chance to learn about each other better on a more personal basis.

Third, co-education should be encouraged right from kindergarten so that children grow up with the right attitude towards the opposite sex. Interaction of this kind can build more confidence in the minds of the children and they will never hesitate before talking to someone of the opposite gender. On the other hand, in a separate system youngsters will lose an opportunity to create relationships with the opposite sex and it may affect their lives in the future.

In conclusion, despite some drawbacks and the risk of what a co–education may have, it definitely has several advantages. I have more trust in mixed schools as, in my opinion, the children learn how to behave in modern society which will help them as they mature. In the end, every parent wants the best for their children so I hope that they will choose the best option.