Afghanistan’s cultural model

14169529_1780196575554254_218598657_nAuthor: Nematullah Ahangosh

Mohammad Munib Ibrahimi is one the most popular people in Afghanistan. He was born in 1976 in Kabul City. He started working in the areas of culture and civil activities when he graduated from university. He aims to promote peace-building and, as a result of being the first-ever cultural fashion model in our country, he has gained much popularity among Afghans.

The only motivation for his activities is his love of Afghanistan. He is a civil activist who makes cultural and traditional clothes for Afghanistan’s multiple ethnic groups. Until now, he has made 40 different clothing designs. According to Afghan Model, the clothes he sews have their own messages for Afghans. For example, the wooden clothes he made carry the message of brotherhood because the names of most ethnic groups are displayed on the garment. The vests he made also carry a message because they include a symbol meaning “no narcotics” on the left side. As of now, he has made clothing designs for the following nations: Pashtons, Tajiks, Hazaras, Uzbeks, and Pashayi. His goal is to make designs for all ethnic groups that exist in the country.

For the first time, Ibrahimi made clothes out of wood, including sleeves, necklaces and vests. To encourage the municipality workers, Ibrahimi made special clothes. The clothes are designed with Afghanistan’s flag. He also designed clothes for the National Army that show his patriotism. Afghanistan’s national flag and map are commonly included on almost every clothing design he makes. He makes clothes not only for men and women but for kids.

Ibrahimi chose clothing as the medium to use to spread his message for the solidarity of ethnic groups. He is passionate about solidarity and the removal of prejudice. Before he started modeling, he actively took part in the campaign called “No Racism.” He thinks that the only way to make our country improved is Afghans’ solidarity.

He is interested in martial arts and cricket. He leads a cricket team. He always encourages sportsmen to use their opportunities in order to discover and explore their potential. One of his long-term goals is to travel all over Afghanistan in order to learn more about people’s cultures and the kinds of clothes they wear in order to make designs of every aspect from their culture.

Ibrahimi’s message to Afghans and to the people of the human family is that Afghans want peace, they need peace and he hopes that everyone will help to make that happen. Ibrahimi hopes that people, and organizations inside and outside of Afghanistan will support and accompany him in this peaceful journey. To realize his dreams, he needs kind support from all of you, culture lovers and patriots, so let’s help him to introduce our culture to the world.