American English File, Star Educational Society’s new textbook system

A message from Ali Reza Yasa, Chairman and Founder

12096408_708358825961260_8304100736061343985_nStar’s quality control team conducted an in-depth comparative analysis held in three long sessions to determine which textbooks are best for our students. The decision was made to abandon the New Interchange system that we have been using since 2008 and replace it with Oxford University Press’ American English File. During these past eight years, despite the effectiveness and efficiency of the New Interchange system, we discovered the need to adopt a more up-to-date, timely and interactive system. American English File Second Edition follows the popular methodology developed by world-renowned authors Christina Latham-Koenig and Clive Oxenden: language + motivation = opportunity. The textbooks contain grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation practice in every lesson and allow students to develop a solid foundation for successful speaking. This system is best designed to meet the needs and demands of the young Afghan generation.

American English File is a series of six books – Starter, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4 and Level 5. The books were first used in Kabul by the American University of Afghanistan. Previously the books were not readily available in Kabul book markets but now local bookstores have them available on their shelves. This new system requires professional instructors who are not only trained but possess a higher level of language awareness to be able to apply in their classes. The Second Edition is even more student and teacher-friendly, with an updated design and 75% new content for improved visual appeal and topics that will engage and motivate students. With this new system the semesters will be shorter, the tuition fee will be reduced and a student-centered approach of language instruction will be most instrumental.

American English File 2nd edition will be applied from our elementary classes through Pre-Advanced Level 2. American English File Starter will be used for Junior Beginner 1 and Junior Beginner 2, American English File Level 1 will be used in Senior Beginner 1 and Senior Beginner 2, American English File Level 2 will be used in Level 1 and Level 2, American English File Level 3 will be used in Level 3 and Level 4, American English File Level 4 will be used in Level 5 and Level 6, and, finally, American English File Level 5 will be used in Pre-Advanced Level 1 and Pre-Advanced Level 2.

Each book contains a total of seven units and 160 pages divided into two parts. Three to four units will be covered in each 40-day semester. An absolute beginner can complete the courses in English language including introductory, elementary, intermediate and advanced in a total of sixteen 40-day semesters. It will take an absolute beginner less than two years to complete the Diploma of English Language and graduate from Star. Our graduates will be capable of taking TOEFL preparation courses and will be ready to attend universities with English as the medium of instruction. Another advantage of this system is that language learners benefit from numerous workbooks which are supported by audio and video CDs aimed at promoting students’ command of the topics they study in classes. The new system will be adopted in B-E semester of Star starting from the new classes in A Branch. Books are available both at Star offices and bookstores around the city.

American English File