Mehdi Samim

Celebrating the success of more Starians

Mehdi Samim received a scholarship from the Kazakh government and was recently awarded his master’s degree in the Faculty of Biotechnology, Department of Biotechnology and Food Safety from the Kazakh National Agrarian University. He is a lecturer in the Agronomy Department at Ghazni University. Samim received his undergraduate degree from Kabul University’s Agriculture Faculty, Agronomy[…]


Is it just me?

    Written by: Mateen Yaqubi, a social activist and one of Afghanistan’s youngest bloggers. He is a rising junior at the Friends Select School in Philadelphia.         I’ve got everything to say, but nothing at all I have no emotion, yet every single one   There are millions of thoughts running[…]

Aman Anwari

An unlikely motivational force

About the author: Sayed Aman Anwari is a Star alumnus and an active member of Afghan Peace Volunteers. He is a freshman at Kabul Polytechnic University studying computer engineering. “Bajaw1 – I don’t give a damn!” exclaimed my mother when my father demanded that she wash his clothes after she had worked all day in[…]