Is it just me?

    Written by: Mateen Yaqubi, a social activist and one of Afghanistan’s youngest bloggers. He is a rising junior at the Friends Select School in Philadelphia.         I’ve got everything to say, but nothing at all I have no emotion, yet every single one   There are millions of thoughts running[…]

Aman Anwari

An unlikely motivational force

About the author: Sayed Aman Anwari is a Star alumnus and an active member of Afghan Peace Volunteers. He is a freshman at Kabul Polytechnic University studying computer engineering. “Bajaw1 – I don’t give a damn!” exclaimed my mother when my father demanded that she wash his clothes after she had worked all day in[…]

Alex Arifi

Academic writing as a path to success

A message from Ali Arifi, Academic Writing teacher at Star Institute or World Languages Paul Williams’ heavy British accent is still echoing in my ears. He was assigned to teach us academic writing at Mongolia International University. Even though Mr. Paul was a finely skilled professor, he was sometimes perceived a bit negatively. This was[…]

Bahara Hussaini

If I were a boy

About the author: Bahara Hussaini is a new teacher at Star. She graduated from Kabul University with a degree in English Literature. Now she is majoring in Political Science and Public Administration at the American University of Afghanistan and plans to work in women’s capacity building in the future. When I was a small child,[…]


I am from

I am from a colorful world of diversity A world of dreams With an ocean of knowledge A peaceful land, where everyone wants to live without war   I am from a place where everyone lives their own life Where there is gender equality And males and females are the same A world without war[…]