Creating tangible change in Daikundi!

img_989A message from Hamidullah Naderi, Daikundi Branch Director

One year ago, Star Educational Society opened its doors in Daikundi, one of the most under-privileged and under-developed provinces of Afghanistan. With integrity and commitment, the Star team laid the foundation of its first provincial branch beginning an institutional legacy whose riches will nourish the minds of Daikundi’s youth for many years to come. The young people in Daikundi endure many hardships and make unimaginable sacrifices to study, so it was an honor to be given the opportunity to share my abilities and English knowledge as a Branch Director in Daikundi, where most knowledge seekers hold the value of education in highest regards.

The participation of English language learners in our Daikundi Branch has been remarkable in our first year. The Daikundi Branch has completed five semesters and has served more than 500 students, including school students, university students, and employees from GOs and NGOs. These results have encouraged and motivated us to be more committed and to work collectively to address the problems of English seekers in Daikundi.

Daikundi is one of the most forbidden provinces and a cottage of the most deprived residents, particularly females. Residents in Daikundi are still deprived of basic rights, access to education and other resources. The influence of fundamentalists and nonsense traditions have encouraged some residents not to let their children, especially females, attend schools and educational centers. Tribal and regional discrimination and marginalization makes the residents more susceptible to poverty and exacerbates the way residents experience poverty. Inadequate infrastructure such as roads, transportation, power and water, impede improvement in the health and livelihoods of Daikundians. Gender discrimination results in lower enrollment and higher dropout rates among girls who are often victims of early and forced marriages.  Many parents cannot financially afford for their children to join educational centers. In spite of all these challenges, the Star team works to provide better educational support and to create an educational environment where the people who cross through our doors will feel the “difference” that Starians strive for.

When the people of a community are ready to obtain the skills and seek the opportunities that can create vital improvement, they will be able to achieve the greatest change. The people in Daikundi are thirsty for fundamental change and want to achieve the best practices through education. When I first came to Daikundi, I sensed that the province was replete with many challenges. Most of my students looked hopeless and lacked confidence. We have employed various cognitive and behavioral approaches in our teaching methods to help our students gain confidence and be more hopeful about their future. My approach is positive and honest and students are reading their lessons and doing their assignments with a great depth of interest.


Following the model created by Star Educational Society in Kabul over the past 18 years, the Star Daikundi Branch is committed to providing learners with updated curriculum and teaching materials, advanced methodology and professional teachers. Star Daikundi will become a prominent center by creating great opportunities and ambitions for our students. We are the crew of a newly-built vessel sailing toward peace and prosperity.

We are indebted to many colleagues, directors of Organizations and scholars of academic organizations who have directly and indirectly influenced the successful presence of Star in Daikundi. Some names deserve special expressions of our gratitude. First and foremost, I thank Daikundi’s Board of Education Department, especially Deputy Aalimi Zada whose warmest contribution made everything easy in Daikundi. In particular, I thank the chancellor of Naser-e-Khisraw PIHE, Mr. Ali Zada, who provided valuable assistance. The following employees of Government and Non-government organizations, educational institutes and community elders offered inspiration, constructive feedback and friendly cooperation and deserve our thanks: Eng. Noor Mohammad Sedaqat, Dr. Ewaz Ali Ameeri, Dr. Mohammad Arif Tabish, Abdul Ghafoor Hakimi, Ms. Zakia Rezayee, Latifa Jawadi, Essa Baturyan, Dr.Khairkhah, Mr.Daadfar, Dr. Muzafari Jawadi, Masooma Shefayee, Ms. Robaba Mubariz, Ms. Fatima Yaqubi, Reza Wahidi, Dr. Akhlaqi, Saranwal Sahar, Eng. Watanjar, Mahdi Muddabir, Mohammad Danish, Mr. Mohammad Hamdard,  Mr. Haidari, Mr. Reza Haidari, Dr. Kabir, Mohammad Zaki Fasehi, Mr. Esmatullah Saaziman, Mr. Haji Rahmat, Mr. Dawood Danishwar, Mr. Aliyar Shafayee, and Mohammad Kazim Muradi. I want to express my hearty appreciation to my honorable office colleagues and instructors in the Daikundi branch who gave me their outstanding and unfailing support, Mrs. Tayeeba Mubariz, Ms. Marzia Hamdard, Mr. Mohammad Zaki Zaki, Esmatullah Sharifi, Abul Fazl Elham, Mr. Baharan and Mr. Rahmatullah Rejayee. Special thanks go to all the principals of government schools and senior staff of GOs and NGOs, whose inspiration, ideas and friendly support motivated me and to all the others who have inspirited us with their helpful contribution. To all of the aforementioned people, we owe a debt of gratitude.

The full realization of human potential is the right of every citizen, every man and every woman. Starians are aware of the ongoing educational problems and remain committed to improving the educational level in Daikundi.  The low status of women in Afghan society stems largely from unequal gender relations, with power tilted heavily in men’s favor. Therefore, Star Educational Society believes that the advancement of all citizens, both men and women, is an essential contribution to the promotion of a society. Star Educational Society calls upon all educational entities and institutions to “join us for a difference” and help us create tangible change in Daikundi.