My journey with Star

Author: Adela Khurrami

IMG_8037Life is a series of beginnings that bring us closer to the realization of our dreams, and I wish all of your beginnings be showered by sunbeams and may all of your dreams sense the warmth of success. If we beat our brains out, will we catch on to that?

Yes, of course life is never to be forgotten memories for all. Needless to say, life is a complete story; life has ups and downs, sometimes happiness and joy, then sometimes sorrow and grief. So, we must not struggle to be alive in this world, we must struggle to live in this world. Life always needs a memory hunter.

Likewise, the moments spent at educational institutes are so good in life that we can never forget these experiences. When someone opens their eyes in this world and grows up, henceforth they have aims and hopes, they want to pursue their education and be a successful person in the long run. Let me talk about my own experience that I have from Star Educational Society. I started learning the English language from Star Educational Society in 2003 from the beginning junior level. Then ustad Jawad was my teacher, really a good teacher; the class was perfect and had a kind teacher. I was very hardworking and a talkative student in the class.

Level one and level two were good enough as far as I remember; but it is unlikely that I can exactly recall anything from them. The level which was boring for me was level three because I had failed in in first test. On the other hand, at the same level the thing that aroused my interest was that the title of speech contest was given to us to give  ourselves time to prepare until the middle of next semester when the contest was held.. I cannot exactly remember the title, but the only thing I know is that I liked standing behind the podium and talking in public. So, because of this new found happiness I passed level three. The level that I’ll never forget was level four, where again my good and kind teacher was ustad Jawad. He was a great teacher. Humm… at that level I had an extraordinary boost in my English language knowledge skills, writing compositions, stories, letters, statements, translation and many other skills. This level was very interesting for me and also I was chosen as a speaker in a speech contest and got second position and successfully passed level four.

Let me go to level five and level six, where I thought I was in hot water. The best and most industrious teacher was ustad Nabi Atiq, the former Chairman of Star Educational Society. Level five was the level where besides subordinate clauses, vocabulary, reported speech, passive voice (to name some) my knowledge of idioms and proverbs was reinforced. It was time when it dawned at me that I truly can learn English.

Level six was again great. Needless to say, I could now learn things easily and everything was going well for me. I was sitting at the back of class, I was not able to see the board because I was little fairy girl! When I had questions I had to stand and present my question to my teacher. These were the unforgettable and rather embarrassing experiences I had in these two levels.

Time came to Advanced levels. We were warned that being a part of Advanced levels we had to know many things from lower levels lest we faced problems getting our Diplomas.

In Advanced “A” and “B” once again the great and best instructor of Star was my teacher ustad Jawad. Advanced levels were really great, absolutely unforgettable memories I have as my classmates were highly talented and  I was blessed with an experienced and industrious instructor like Ustad Jawad.

Successfully I got my diploma in 2005. Then with a gap of eight years I joined Star Educational Society as an English instructor in Kabul. Ustad Ali Reza Yasa happily accepted me as a family member of Star.

From 2012 until now I am a successful and lucky teacher at Star Educational Society. Not only am I a teacher at Star, but also I am also involved in our weekly programs and activities.

I love my job! Let’s stay on this path and strive for more success and  great achievements.

Star is always one!