My Kabul

Mh. Zaki Zaki


About the poet: Mohammad Zaki Zaki is a Star alumnus and former instructor at Star’s Daikondi branch. He recently graduated from the Geoscience Faculty of Kabul University.








My Kabul, you are the city

the city with roads and avenues full of blood

the city whose people lose their lives or limbs anytime and anywhere

the city with an unpredictable and unknown future

the city whose population dwindles day by day


My Kabul, I am sorry

sorry for your hopeless young generation

sorry for your destroyed roads and buildings

sorry for your injured and crippled citizens

sorry for your parents mourning their children


My Kabul, we are still alive

still alive in a city whose streets are stained with blood

still alive in a city where gunshots are heard throughout the night

still alive in a city where peace and comfort are an illusion

still alive in a city whose orphans go to sleep hungry


My Kabul, I love your people

the people who like to walk and jog

the people who sing and chant for peace and security

the people who are beheaded for committing no crime

the people who work tirelessly to bring change


My Kabul, I will die

I will die with a heart full of hopes and dreams

I will die holding a joyful book with a happy ending

I will die with a pure and innocent heart

I will die with a mind, freshly full of dream.