My Worth

Rosalynn KahsuPoem by Rosalynn Kahsu, a Political Science and Psychology major at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She is an intern with the ROYA Online Writing Center and has been editing essays and articles for the Interstellar Bulletin.


Define me as you like, I will buy it.

As a penniless broad,

I’ll take anything.

And re-sell it for a price,

three times the purchase.


I am a silhouette,

of a shape disfigured.


My youth has been spent,

for a watt of radiance.


And my back is always thrilled,

to reveal its tasteful damage.


Knock on its door,

and step in.


You’ll find trails of red marks,

spaced on dark skin.


With all its negatives,

it is my home.

It’s my body and my mind,

I am who I am.

You won’t gain from my profit,

My worth is not for you

To define.