Nothing will work unless you do.

hassan-rahmati-1Author: Hassan Rahmati

Success comes to those who surpass their limitations. When we break the shell and recognize the power of our wings of desire, we can take the flight to our destinations.

Once there was a chicken farmer who was also a very passionate mountain climber. One day he was climbing the mountain and he came across a nest with three large eggs and the eggs were beautiful, so he was thinking “Shall I take one?”

He had a henhouse and he was thinking that maybe he can put it there and the hen can hatch it. But he knew it was illegal, it was unethical, and it wasn’t ecological.

He was in doubt whether he should take it or not, but took it. He put it in the bag, climbed  to the top of the mountain, and upon return to the village he put the egg in his henhouse.

The hen enthusiastically lay on it, and after some time a creature emerged and the hen was very proud because it was different from other chickens. This small creature looked at the other chickens and started living with them and identifying with these chickens, thinking that he is a chicken. It was doing what other chickens were also doing, pecking around a courtyard, sometimes trying to fly few meters like chickens do (they do not fly very high).

For many years this bird lived with the chickens, acting like a chicken, doing things like them. But one day this bird saw something in the sky and was so impressed, and asked the sister chicken, “What is that?” It is so wonderful.

And the chicken said, “That is an eagle, the king of the sky, the king of the birds. And we are not part of his life. We are just meant to do what we are doing here. He can fly so elegantly and high.”

But something had touched him at that moment. Why?

Because he was not a chicken, He was an eagle. He sighed, he continued to live like a chicken, doing what chickens do, he died as a chicken because he thought he was one.

What a disappointing story.

So what do we find in this story? Is there any message that we should take?

He did not try to seek his real identity.

We develop desire and consciousness according to our associations.

The eagle based his life on the false belief that he was a chicken.

We do not always get what we expect, and if we identify with a set of restrictions then we will not be able to surpass them.

 Identify yourself in the role you are meant to play in that relationship. It is our choice and our right. If we want to remain where we are, if we are happy with what we have, we can continue as we do. But if we want to soar, for sure we can do that.

Reduce wastefulness in action and increase productivity. Success comes through two principles. The first is “effort” in the right direction. If the eagle had focused his effort in the right direction and followed his intellect, he would have increased his efficiency.

The second principle is to know that there are many extraneous forces that work while we are putting forth our effort (destiny); so take that into consideration while you are expecting success.

Do we want to store the success as medals and wear it, or hang the failures as flags to stop us from further actions?

Drop both; only then success can come to you. So if you are an eagle, then rise and achieve considerable success.