Spring in Afghanistan

Reza Salehi (2)About the Poet: Reza Salehi is a Star alumnus and current member of Star’s Teacher Training class. He received his bachelor’s degree in Geology and Mines from Kabul Polytechnic University


Spring is coming to my country,

And it will bring happiness.

Spring will cure all hurts,

And take away the sadness.


I see melting icicles on tree branches —

The trees that endured the coldness of winter.

Water drips from the icicles like the tears

Of the mothers who lost their dears.


Spring brings a feeling of prosperity,

In the beauty of its flourishing buds.

The buds are like innocent Afghan kids reborn,

The ones killed like weeds in times of war.


Spring is a season of being born anew,

A season of growing and thriving.

But there are some who are blind to the world’s beauties

Who just want to continue the killing of innocent people.


If this brutal killing is not stopped,

There can never be any healing.

Please stop killing people!

This is my sincere request.


Please let spring come to Afghanistan!

Not just in my imagination and in my poems!

Let spring come as it does in nature,

And let it take away the hurt and the sadness.


I am not a politician, nor do I know what war is,

But I know what peace is and what it can bring!

It’s a spring in the minds of my people,

Bringing them hope and joy in their lives.