Starian shines on Afghan TV programs

20151102_15263About the author: Adela Khurrami began teaching at Star in 2012 after studying English Literature and Accounting at Iqra College in Karachi, Pakistan and teaching English in Quetta.

Recently I was a guest on two television programs – TOLO TV’s program called “Bamdad Khosh بامداد خوش” and Raah Farda TV’s program called “Saya سایه.” They were eager to have young women as guests on their shows to help inspire their female audience. In front of the camera, I was feeling very excited that all the world could see me talking on TV. I want to share this experience with readers of the Interstellar Bulletin, especially young girls. It was one of my greatest dreams to talk on media, express my thoughts and spread my message to my people. Although I cannot express all my thoughts in Dari very well, my self-confidence motivated me.

Self-confidence is extremely important in almost every aspect of our lives. Yet so many people struggle to find it. People who lack self-confidence can find it difficult to become successful. I am lucky because I can inspire confidence in others. Being a special guest on TV gave me the opportunity to inspire confidence in the audience, my peers, my bosses, my customers and my friends. Building confidence in ourselves and others is really well-worth the effort and helps us to learn so many things.

I was invited to be a guest as an English instructor and a young, active Afghan woman. I knew when I was scheduled to do the interviews that it was important to share the things I have learned in my life, the mistakes I have made and the experiences I have had. When I was growing up, I learned to work hard, have self-confidence, be honest and show concern for others.


I was asked questions like, “What is the importance of English language in today’s life? What is your idea about women in Afghan society?” I explained that English is an international language and it is spoken over the entire world. It is an important language for everybody to learn. Many people learn English to compete for scholarships at universities around the world, some learn it to improve their chances of employment at home or abroad, and many learn it for better access to quality educational resources and wealth. As I explained, knowing English is very important in every aspect of life, wherever you are. In some cases, it is more important than our two other international languages (Dari and Pashto).

When I talked about women in Afghan society, I mentioned that women are suffering from many hardships and challenges in Afghanistan. The presence of women everywhere is accompanied by problems. For example, there is violence against women. Whether you have a very high position or not, there is no equality. Related to education of Afghan women, fortunately, studying and learning has become easier for women. There are many educational institutions in every part of society and there are opportunities for them to study. Women can study and learn what they have not learned yet by having a suitable daily timetable and with cooperation from their family. I suggest for women to practice and review their lessons daily to improve their learning. It is not important how many mistakes they make, but by practicing everyday they can learn from their mistakes and increase their knowledge. That’s why TV programs want young women to be on their shows to share everything very openly and present the reality.

20160811_133356One of the very memorable moments I had from that experience was what happened after my appearance on TOLO TV. After the show in the studio, everybody stood around me and asked questions about me. They wanted to know how they can learn English quickly and they became very interested to learn English. On Raah Farda TV during the show, they asked me how I could accomplish so many things and be very active at such a young age. Many things surprised me about this experience. The day after the program on TOLO TV, I went to Pol-e-Sorkh and while I was crossing the road, three guys standing on the road looked at me and said to each other, “Hey, wasn’t she on TOLO TV yesterday?” The next one said, “Exactly, she is the same girl.” At that time, I was feeling very proud and until now I am receiving calls and messages from friends and colleagues praising me. I have been contacted by other TV channels asking me to be a guest on their programs. The other day, I received a call from Negah TV asking me to be their guest. It is a very good feeling! I only wish my father could have seen me on TV and could hug me too.

My message to readers is, “Dream and Follow.” Be optimistic about your abilities, build your self-confidence and inspire others. If you are consistent in all of your work, are involved in different activities, and can spread your voice to other people, you can accomplish many great things.