The Importance of English Language

20160817_182952About the author: Mahram Ali Ahmadi is currently an English instructor at Star Educational Society. He began teaching at Star in 2013. He studies Computer Science at Gharjistan University.

It is not a secret that English is the official language of 53 countries in the world. It is spoken by approximately half a billion people as their first language. Nowadays, almost everyone believes that English is the most important language everywhere in the world because it is the language of international business, science and technology and opportunities. There are many reasons why students in Afghanistan should learn English language, some are mentioned here.

Firstly, English is an international language because it is spoken in many countries and is most commonly used among foreign language speakers. To communicate with speakers of different languages, we mostly rely on English as a medium to express ourselves and establish relationships. For example, if you want to do a business in another country, you will most probably need to know English to identify where and in what you want to invest, and who you want to do business with. Without this language skill, you will have to rely on translation and interpretation services of others, which can be expensive and perhaps not as effective in making good business deals. Likewise, if you are looking for a job, knowing English makes you more employable both in Afghanistan and abroad.

Secondly, English is the language of science and technology. To excel in science and to be able to use technology well, you need to know English. In 2012, then President Hamid Karzai recommended that colleges of engineering and medicine teach in English so as to improve Afghan students’ international prospects, and to help students gain access to more learning resources. The ex-president cited examples of India and Pakistan as countries that have made huge progress in these fields because they provide tuition in English. English opens up a whole world of print and digital resources for students to benefit from. Students in Afghanistan can similarly benefit from the huge advances in science and technology by becoming proficient in English.

Lastly, for those of you interested in pursuing your higher education abroad, English is the language to learning. For most scholarships available for Afghan students, students must take an English proficiency exam, like TOEFL or IELTS. There are hundreds of Starians who have become proficient in English and have benefited from opportunities to continue their studies abroad. If you wish to do so too, you should make it your goal to master English language. Once you have, you should be sure that you have opened many doors of opportunities to yourself.