The path to pursuing my goals

Aziz AziziAbout the author: Aziz Azizi is an alumni and current teacher of Star. He graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering from Ibn e Sina University. He plans to study his master’s degree abroad.

I am originally a resident of Bamyan province, but I have lived in the Dahna e Ghori District of Baghlan Province for some time now. I am the son of a farmer and grew up in a traditional family. Our family lived in a rural region of Bahglan province. There were no basic facilities, and although the people in my village thought my father was a wealthy man, our financial status was not really in good standing.

My village had only one elementary school. There were no chairs or black boards, so we sat on the floor. The school and classrooms did not even have any doors or windows. The teachers only had a fifth or sixth grade level education. There was no subject teaching classification, as two or three different subjects were taught by a single teacher. When I was thirteen years old, my elementary school studies were completed. This was when I left my family and moved to the city of Puli Khumri to continue my studies. When I first entered my new high school in Puli Khumri, I was shocked to see classrooms with chairs and black boards. Impressed, I said “Wow!!! Look at this beautiful class.”

After I finished my high school studies, I passed the Kankor examination and moved to Kabul. When I arrived in Kabul, my dear and lovely uncle, Nassim Anssari, helped me find a governmental job and he supported me to continue my higher education in my favorite field until graduation. I received my bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. Nowadays I’m working on my plans for a potential Master’s Degree.

I have grown from the student who was very naughty, adventurous, and a street fighter. I was expelled two times from the university, and three times by the teachers of Star Educational Society. Everyone claims that I would like to pull the legs of every teacher. But I enjoy facing challenges. Challenges make me more confident.

Although some people did not know the right path to pursue their goals, for me, it was important to choose a path that would help me become an influential and useful member of society. I have no dreams, yet have many plans in my life. I am ready for every step of life’s future challenges. There is no impossibility to life.