We all must do best to build bright future

fb_img_1468380499474An interview with Massoud Malid, TV journalist

Interviewer: Adela Khurrami

Dear Massoud Malik, tell us about yourself and share with us an impactful experience that led you to become a TV journalist. I, Massoud Malik, am an original resident of Andarab district of Baghlan province. I got my bachelor degree in geo-engineering from Kabul University. Before my acceptance to the university, my situation was very difficult. I started lessons in my favorite field. Also I left my province behind, the place which shaped my childhood dreams, the school where its walls and doors beside my classmates and teachers taught me so many things: Love and friendship, the family whose care and support is and was with me all the time, and the little town of Pol-e-Khomri where I loved all its streets, alleys and kind people. I then sought to continue my higher education. I came to Kabul, where like many other students from across the country, I lived in Kabul University`s dormitory. From that time, all my focus was toward becoming the best student and score the highest grades. After a year I found out that other students and friends were seeking ways to gain renown, or at least make worthwhile speeches. For some, they did not know the right way to get to pursue their goal. For me, it was very important to choose a path that could help me become an influential and useful member of society. And so, my career started with a TV media organization in Kabul. I was busy there for half a day after my university classes. Entering the world of media was not so easy, requiring hard work and patience. I began my journey in this field five years ago. A journalist has to have determined goals and remain independent, and always do his/her best to convey the true voice of their people. All efforts have to be focused on presenting the issues accurately, impartially and truthfully. One must never ignores his/her work ethic.

What qualities do journalists need and what are the educational requirements for journalists? Knowledge is power. Everyone has to struggle and commit to learn more. Today, education in Afghanistan is a vital necessity and everyone must do his part in reconstructing this country; and this is possible only through education. Not only a journalist, but everyone needs to pursue learning, but higher education is one of the requirements of a journalist. We need educated and expert journalists. In this regard, studying is an important necessity for a journalist. A journalist must commit to read and study many different fields to become well versed in diverse subjects. Besides these, a journalist must maintain and develop good relations with all people with whom they come in contact.

How have you remained successful and how do you stay abreast of the news and current events? Success comes always as a result of hard work and thoughtful decision making. Here, we are a good team where we are always in close contact with appropriate people and always up to date in current affairs. Here, the high ranking managers, producers, reporters, presenters and videographers are all trying to create superior presentations. Thus, contacts with people of influence and governmental institutions always help to provide an impactful report.
However, working in media is a difficult job in Afghanistan for several reasons, including such factors as the safety and security situation and the lack of access to information; still we continue to do our job. Additionally, government`s support is an important factor in allowing the media to continue its work; unfortunately, the media are often not provided this support.
Lack of security is arguably the most critical problem for journalists. All employees of the media live with fear for their safety on a daily basis as they try to engage in their work in the most professional manner possible. With all these concerns, the media still feels responsible to convey the people`s message. We see and hear the people’s complaints about government, stating that their government has not fulfilled its duties and promises to the Afghan people. Additionally, people have grave concerns about their delegates in the National Assembly, complaining that they are not representing their constituents; instead these delegates seek only personal gain from their positions. Thus, in such a situation, only the true descendants of Afghanistan can express the people`s voice and convey their message for a better tomorrow.


What is the secret of your success? Being successful! It`s a difficult question. I do not perceive myself to be a successful person, but I have always strived for it. A person can be successful only when he/she has a worthy goal. Without a focused goal, one cannot achieve success. It is my belief that we have to strive seriously for our goals and make decisive plans for our future. Also, we have to live in the present, considering the fact that today is the tomorrow that we have dreamt about. We need to be kind, hardworking human beings, not just ones who wait to see what others do. When one has such a substantive goal as serving the country, he/she needs to be more pragmatic and hardworking.

As a journalist how do you see the future of the country? I believe in a bright future of my country, and I am sure that the young generation of Afghanistan will enter into the different and emerging national processes with new ideas and a clear vision. This next generation will be comprised of those who will reconstruct the country in all realms. With all our existing problems, let`s still be optimistic. We can see things developing in positive ways around us step by step. Afghanistan can no longer be compared with the old war-torn country. So many projects and rebuilding efforts have been instituted all across the country. Now Afghanistan has a strong and well equipped army; other security institutions are all watchful. There are many young forces in these fields displaying remarkable patriotism in defense of their homeland. So many of our youth, both boys and girls, have become literate in this era. So many are attending schools, the health services have greatly improved, people are  loving each other in Afghanistan and now perceive this country as a home for all. With all the existing problems, still people remain in our  country and believe in a better future.

What is your message to our readers? My message to all dear readers is no matter what your gender, whether you are old or young, I believe in your ability; you are the true Afghans, and you are the ones who are going to help reconstruct the country and regain our national pride. I want to say that we all must do our best to build a bright future for our country and our citizens. The youth have the greatest responsibility, and they must understand that the future of the country is in their hands.

We have to confront the current challenges and find workable solutions. We have to understand that in this country we are all brothers who must unite believe in each other is ensure our success. I call upon all youth to stay in the country, and do not endanger their lives by engaging in the dangerous paths of immigration. Leaving the country is not the solution, staying in the country, serving the country and reconstructing the country is all of our responsibility. The young generation should not let others to make decisions about the country. I wish for long life Afghanistan, our beloved country. And thank you very much, dear Adela Khurrami.